The first truly GREEN PUB in West Michigan

Great Lakes Pub Cruiser is proud to serve the local community with one more way to have fun daily.

Make sure you have everything you need for the ride.

Fill out your necessary forms ahead of time!

Release Form*

*Duplicate as needed for each member of your pub crawl party.

Come enjoy a slow party on wheels!

Friends and Family can celebrate in style while cruising around the town. Book today!


Listed below are some of the most common questions and answers we hear frequently on the GL Pub Cruiser. Can we drink on the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser?
      • NO! The City of Grand Rapids does not allow us to drink and bike. It would be YES, but only while on PRIVATE PROPERTY and with owner approval. (Your driveway, your yard, restaurant/bar parking lots with BAR APPROVAL, etc.)
Can I wear flip flops or sandals on the GL Pub Cruiser?
      • No. Tennis shoes or closed toe shoes are needed to ride the GL Pub Cruiser.
Does the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser supply food or beverages?
      • No. Rider may bring on any permissible food or beverages (non-alcoholic) they wish. We’ve got LOTS of space in the inside roof rack.
How many people ride maximum? How many pedal? What’s the least amount of people?
      • The Great Lakes Pub Cruiser carries 15 passengers maximum, plus the “Pilot.” There are five pedaling seats, on each side, plus one non-pedaling seat over the rear wheels. There is also a bench in the back of the GL Pub Cruiser that seats three. We recommend a minimum of eight people to rent the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser. (There are ten “pedaling” seats, so ten is actually ideal!)
So how did the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser get its name?
      •  The original Dutch translates to “Bike Café.” After much consideration, we settled on Great Lakes Pub Cruiser, as we are proud of our Great Lakes.
For more FAQs and help for first time riders see our FAQs form and “Tips for Newbies” listed on our Policies and Forms page.