Booker Responsibilities

    1. Confirm the exact total number of people in your tour 4 days prior to your tour. Email this info to Reminder that all riders must be 21+ with valid ID to ride.
    2. Bar Stops: From the attached list rank your bar stops in a route that you choose in order of preference. Rank all in the listed route, not just your 2,3, or 4 stops. That way if something is not available we can do everything to fill your request. 2-hour tour gets 2 stops, 2.5-hour tour gets 3 stops and a 3-hour tour gets 3 or 4 stops. This must be received 4 days prior to your ride; if not received by then, stops will be selected by the driver. Email
    3. Dissemination of all information to your group. Most important are the following items:
      1. LIABILITY WAIVER: waiver must be completed 24 hours prior to tour date and confirmation email (or screenshot), along with valid id, will be requested to be shown to the driver prior to tour start. Waiver link: Note: The waiver is only available online, there is not a paper option.
      2. ARRIVAL TIME: All tour participants should arrive 20 min prior to the tour start time to complete the check-in process. 
        • Our address:  514 Bond NW, Grand Rapids MI
        • Parking is very limited. Car pooling or alternative transportation is recommended. If driving, please allow time to find parking. 
        • Once tour is underway, all tour participants must return on the bike to our starting location to avoid a $50 – $2,000 fee for towing and cancelled tour costs. It is not possible to jump off the tour early.
      3. CANNED BEVERAGES ONLY: There is a no-tolerance, strict adherence to beverages brought on board the tour so that we comply with our liquor restrictions imposed by the City of Grand Rapids. All beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) must be in a CAN. No other forms are permitted and, if brought on board, will immediately stop the tour without refund and possibly incur fines.
        • We will provide bottled water
        • No other bottles, pouches, personal containers/water bottles, jell-o shots or anything other than in a can is permitted on the bikes.
        • We provide the cooler, all beverages must fit in this cooler. 
        • Bring pre-cooled beverages as our coolers will keep items cold but will not cool the items further.
      4. NO SMOKING, CHEWING TOBACCO OR VAPING permitted on premises or on the bikes. It is against the law to smoke, or vape anything in a business. While outdoors we are a business.
      5. WHAT TO WEAR
        • Please leave the flip flops home as they tend to fly off easily. Sandals with straps are great!! 
        • The tour will depart rain or shine. Bring weather-appropriate attire that is suitable for pedaling.  We have single use ponchos that you can purchase via cash or Venmo for $2 each.
      6. HAVE FUN (but not too much fun!): Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, fun-filled and memorable tour! If a tour participant becomes inebriated and ill, a minimum $2,000 cleaning fee will be assessed and a tour cancellation fee. Additionally, all participants must complete the tour and be able to safely pedal back to the Pub Cruiser warehouse.
      7. TIPS: If you had a great time, tips for your driver are very much appreciated (cash or Venmo) and are not included in your booking price.
      8. RESTROOM: We have one public restroom for you to use in our warehouse. You will be fined $150 for public urination on the booker’s credit card.