Listed below are some of the most common questions and answers we hear frequently on the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser.

Top Pub Cruiser Questions

What tour dates are available?
  • To see available dates and book your tour, visit our Booking page
  • We operate from March 1 through October 31. However, if you have a date/time outside of this window just email our general manager at laurieryan62@hotmail.com and we can help!
Can I select what places we stop at along the tour?
  • Yes! You will select the route when booking your tour and you will select the actual stops along this route one week prior to your tour date. Note that since the stops are pre-arranged with the establishments, it is not possible to change stops after they have been selected.
  • A 2 hour tour includes 2 stops, a 2.5 hr tour includes 3 stops and a 3 hour tour includes 3-4 stops.
  • Click here to view tour routes
  • Please note that, while rare, it may be necessary to make alternative stops than those that have been selected due to construction, road closures, accidents, Covid impact, etc.
Can I add more time to my tour once it has started?

Unfortunately it is not possible to extend the tour end time once on the Pedal Pub.

How many people can join on the Pub Cruiser tour?
  • A minimum of 6 people is recommended to ‘pedal power’ the Pub Cruiser. A maximum of 16 guests can be included on each Pub Cruiser (no exceptions due to insurance purposes). If you have a larger party, multiple Pub Cruisers are available to rent.
  • Each bike has 12 barstool seats: 10 of these with pedals to accommodate riders at least 5’1” tall, and 2 barstool seats that do not have pedals. There is also a stationary seat at the back that can accommodate 3 guests and 1 spot to walk on the “Catwalk” behind the driver.
How old do you need to be to ride the Pub Cruiser?

All riders must be at least 21 years old (with valid ID) to ride the bike and to consume alcohol.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, per the manufacturer, each rider must weigh less than 300 lbs to ride any of the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser bikes.

Do you have pedal assistance?

YES! While our bikes are equipped with Pedal Assist to provide extra power on hilly terrain, however the system engages only if the group is already pedaling and keep on pedaling. It is not an engine nor is it capable of replacing altogether the need to pedal.

Where does the tour start / end / go?

All tours Start/End at 514 BOND AVE NW which is a ½ block north from Downtown Grand Rapids.

514 Bond Ave. NW

Click here to view the various route options for each tour. One week prior to your tour, you will select the actual stops along your selected route. As we confirm your chosen stops in advance with each establishment, it is not possible to make changes once the stops have been selected.

What should I bring on the Pub Cruiser?
  1. Important: Don’t forget your valid Photo ID! All riders must provide at the time of the tour to ride on the Pub Cruiser per insurance rules.
  2. Beverages are welcome while riding on the Pub Cruiser, we even provide a cooler with ice to store them in! We also provide bottled water. Please note the following important guidelines:
    • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages must be in a sealed standard can (not permitted: glass, liquor, jell-o shots, cups, non-pre-sealed containers, plastic bottles, personal water bottles)
    • Per city law, we are not permitted to include party stores on the tour – therefore, all beverages consumed on the bike must be purchased prior to the tour start (this does not include stopping at bars along the way to consume beverages inside their establishment)
  3. Snacks, if desired. We recommend items that can be consumed one-handed!
  4. Completed e-waivers (must be completed prior to tour start for all members in your party). Click here to complete and show to your driver before the tour starts.
  5. Dress for comfort and fun! Wear shoes with straps – you don’t wanna be ‘that guy’ that loses their shoe and we need to stop the tour to retrieve it! In the event of rain, we will provide rain ponchos.
  6. Tips for your driver are welcomed and appreciated 🙂 Our Pub Drivers work hard to provide a tour you soon won’t forget!
What if we don’t want to drink alcohol?

No problem! All of the stops include non-alcoholic beverage options.

Can we decorate the bike?

Unfortunately, decorations can be harmful for the bike and create safety concerns. So while it is not possible to decorate the bike, we encourage our guests to have fun with their attire…after all, we are a party on wheels!!

Do I tip my driver?

Tips are always appreciated. If you had a great time, a standard service industry tip of 15-20% is customary. Automatic gratuity of 15% will be added to any tours involving multiple Pedal Pub bikes.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

Where can I park? Is public transportation an option?

  • Our physical address is 514 Bond Ave NW and we are in a warehouse with 2 green garage doors on the corner of Bond Ave NW and Hastings Ave. We are located ½ block east of Monroe Ave NW on Bond Ave NW. Nearby landmarks include Icon on Bond Apartments 30 feet north and SpeakEZ Bar and Grill is diagonal from us.







  • Limited street parking is available on Bond street.
  • Surrounding streets offer metered parking (Bond, Monroe, Hastings and Ottawa Ave). To pay the meters, use the smart phone app, MoTu, or a credit card – note, free metered parking on the weekends.
  • Don’t want to be stuck with a car? Take an Uber or a Lyft!
  • Want a free option? DASH bus is a FREE city bus that picks up and delivers people to various points along and in Grand Rapids. This pink bus stops every 10 minutes and includes various downtown pick up locations close to many hotels. Our drop off point is Monroe Ave. next to SpeakEZ Bar and Grill.
Do you recommend places to eat/visit before the tour starts?

We’re located right in the heart of the North Monroe District (1/2 block North of Downtown) so there are several options. The closest spots are only a few steps away:

  • Atwater Brewing on corner of Monroe and Michigan Ave about a ½ block south of us, great apps and pizza and sandwiches.
  • Brickyard Tavern (about a 5-8 min walk straight north on Monroe Ave, it is located right inside the door at 940 Monroe Boardwalk Condos). Great apps, entrees, sandwiches reasonably priced.
  • Linear is a small tapas-style bar and grill with an outdoor patio on the river. This is about a 5-8 min walk north on Monroe Ave across the street from Boardwalk Condos on the Riverside of the street.
  • Garage Bar & Grill: On Ottawa Ave which is 1 street east of our warehouse. Known for great burgers, fries and apps. Affordable bar food.
  • Rocky’s Bar on Ottawa Ave NW, is only a 5 min walk and has good bar food, burgers, fries, apps. Good affordable quaint bar food.
Are Gift Certificates Available?

Yes! Click the button below to purchase a gift card in any amount.

Is there a cancellation policy? What about weather-related?

The Pub Cruiser can accommodate the weather, rain or shine – we have ponchos for the rain available for $2 and a roof that keeps you dry so you’ll have fun regardless of the conditions!

  • Guests may reschedule their booked tour (if at least 30 days prior to the scheduled tour date) to another available date in the current season with a $60 rebooking fee.
  • If less than 30 days prior to the scheduled tour date, no refunds or reschedules are permitted.
How do I sign the waiver? Does everyone need to sign it?
  • All tour guests must sign the waiver to join the tour and prior to the tour start time.
  • To sign, click here to complete. Show your confirmation email from your phone to the driver/greeter at check in.
What else should I know?
  • If your group causes the Pub Cruiser to return late (beyond the end tour time), the following fees apply:
    • 15 min late: $50
    • 30 min late: $100
    • 45 min late: $150
    • 60 min late: $375 (cancels another tour)
  • Pub Cruiser Damage: Cost of Repair + Fine
  • Inappropriate Behavior: Termination of tour plus a $200 – $2000 Penalty